Turkish KitchenThe Turkish kitchen belongs in her meaning to the big kitchens of the world. She has a long history and puts an advancement of the original nomadic cooking tradition of the Turkic people by mixture with the Indian, Persian, Anatolian, Islamic-Arabian kitchens as well as the cooking traditions of the people of the Mediterranean area, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

This variety of the influence developed by the centuries particularly under the coinage of the Ottoman culture and life-style to the today's typical Turkish kitchen which you can enjoy now in our Mevlana Restaurant.

We serve all variations of the Turkish kitchen, whether roasted, baked or grilled. Our chefs place big value of fresh vegetables.

Of course beef, lamb meat and veal, fish and chicken stand on the menu. Also vegetarian guests come with us fully on her pleasure.

The preparation kind of the courts is always careful, rich in vitamins and does not lie hard in the stomach.